News • June 29, 2020 • by Awesome Aberlady

School’s lockdown film is charming and inspirational

Aberlady Primary School’s filmed record of thoughts and feelings during lockdown.

IN THE SECOND to last week of term, from June 15, 2020, the children and staff of Aberlady Primary School took part in a whole-school project to make a film that described their experience of lockdown.

Thanks to Jonathan Charles of D Fie Foe, educational film-makers who collaborated on the project, more than two hours of footage from dozens of contributors was edited down to just over 12 minutes

The result is a miniature masterpiece that captures the hopes and fears of this unusual time in a charming, witty, heartwarming manner.

Kids of the future

‘Kids of the future might hopefully watch this and learn something about life through coronavirus for kids,’ says one of the many junior narrators.

The film highlights many of the good aspects of lockdown (more time with family, exploring the outdoors, playing games, keeping in touch through technology) as well as the bad (missing friends, school and teachers, family members falling ill).

Ultimately the film has a message not just for the distant future, but for the present as we all think about what comes next. ‘My hope for the world after lockdown: people take care of the planet,’ says one young contributor. ‘People don’t use cars and planes as much,’ adds another. ‘People will work from home using different technologies,’ says a third. ‘Less commuting… more time with families.’

Has the world changed for good? We’ll soon find out.


Watch the Aberlady Primary School lockdown film on YouTube at:

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