Help us send a message to Mrs Unwin

Calling all Mrs Unwin’s former pupils! We’d like you to record a short video saying where you are now and what you’re doing…

AS YOU PROBABLY know already, Mrs Unwin is retiring at the end of term (Friday June 26) after 30 years teaching at Aberlady, most of it as P1 class teacher.

The Parent Council at the school would like to put together a video consisting of messages from her former pupils, which we think will bring back many happy memories for her. Whether you’re just coming to the end of S1 at North Berwick High School, or you’ve recently taken office as Prime Minister of Norway, please let her know where you are now and what you’re up to. Hopefully you will also be able to share a memory of your time in her class at Aberlady PS.

Pretty much the idea is as follows, though do it your own way!

How to take part

• Record a video message – try to keep it to about 30 seconds.

• Start with ‘Hi, Mrs Unwin!’

• Say who you are and when you were in her class.

• Say where you live if you’re not in Aberlady, and what you’re doing now.

• Add a memory of your time in her class.

• Add any message for the future.

• Or just whatever you like!

And then…

• Email your message to us at

• Please get your video to us by Monday June 8, if possible.

Other contributions

Children still at the school, from nursery to P7, are contributing messages and pictures for a scrapbook – if you have something, please leave it in the porch or post it through the letterbox at Bickerton, High Street (near the Post Office).

Financial contributions are welcome through the Parent Council bank account – email us and we’ll send you the details. Again, the email address to use is