News • April 30, 2020 • by Awesome Aberlady

Garden waste collections back for one-off special

BROWN GARDEN BINS will be collected as a one-off event this Saturday and Sunday, May 2 and 3. You will need to have your bin ready outside the house by 7am on Saturday, and it could be emptied any time up to 4pm on the Sunday.

Collection of garden waste in brown bins is still suspended, but East Lothian Council has arranged this special collection to help out the county’s gardeners.

The council asks that people do not try to pack too much into their bins, since if a bin is too heavy to be moved, or the contents will not slide out when it is tipped up, they will not be able to empty it. They can’t collect any extra waste in bags or containers.

Given how many properties they will have to visit, the council is unable to promise that it will collect from every house. If your bin is still full on Sunday evening, you’ll have to take it in again and hope for better luck next time.

Further details on the ELC website at: news/ article/ 13215/ interim_garden_waste_collection_service

Main picture: garden bins should be left outside the house by 7am on Saturday May 2, and could be collected on the Saturday or Sunday.