News • May 11, 2020 • by Awesome Aberlady

Aberlady Sessions releases two new recordings

Main picture: ‘Blackbird’, featuring Darren Selby on multi-tracked vocals and Steven Polwart on acoustic guitar.

TWO NEW TUNES have been released by Aberlady Sessions, the collective of local musicians who are producing a series of lockdown collaborations featuring guest vocalists and backing singers.

Now available to view on the group’s YouTube channel, the new songs are ‘Take It Easy’, originally by The Eagles, and ‘Blackbird’ from the White Album of 1968 by The Beatles.

Both tracks feature vocals from Darren Selby, the village’s master craftsman, with backing from Kathy Allan, Kirsty Greenwood and Wendy Isaac on the first track.

The Eagles track features John Gurney on drums, Fraser Watson on bass, acoustic guitar from Steven Polwart and electric guitar from Stewart Williams and Mike Hardie.

Background checks

The Aberlady Sessions band, originally known as The Quarrymen, famously learned their musical chops as youngsters by playing months-long residencies in the seedy bars and nightspots of Hamburg, or possibly Ballencrieff.

Their version of ‘Take It Easy’ was actually the first recording by Aberlady Sessions, so is numbered ‘Vol 1’, although ‘Valerie’ with Wendy Isaac on vocals – now labelled as ‘Vol 2’ – was released before it.

You can find all three songs on their YouTube channel as follows… channel/ UCrmlig60dIq7nj_6TrX5jLw