Aberlady Kirk from the air, by Fredo Kauffmann / Bleu Ciel Photography, facebook.com/fredokauffmann/

Aberlady Helpers

Hello! If you’re in Aberlady and you need a little help, we are here for you. And if you’re from further afield and concerned about a relative or friend, please get in touch!

Aberlady Helpers: aberlady-helpers.org

Aberlady Helpers is run entirely by local volunteers and you can find out more on our Helpers page.

Help at a distance

Worried about a friend or relative who lives outside Aberlady? We suggest…

  • Get in touch with Age UK, 0800 169 6565
  • Find a local volunteer group through Covid Mutual Aid, covidmutualaid.org
  • Contact the local council where the person lives